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Mindfulness and Body Consciousness as a complement to physiotherapy and physiotherapist: 5-month intervention study

Ferrés Puigdevall, Sònia

The therapies based on Full Attention (Mindfulness) and Body Awareness (BA) are adaptive strategies to reduce anxiety and increase welfare, involving conscious mind-body connections linked to self-knowledge and self-regulation: perception of basic physical sensations (position, heart rate) and complexes (pain, relaxation), perceiving deep stimuli and raising awareness of internal experiences ...


Effectiveness of treatment with radial shock waves in chronic epicondyle pain (CEP): randomized clinical trial

Paule González, Susana

A randomized clinical trial is carried out in 17 patients with lateral epicondyle pain of more than 6 months of evolution with the objective of evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment with radial shock waves with respect to a control group.


Humidification during invasive mechanical ventilation in the adult patient. Bibliographic review

Rodríguez Garrido, Silvia

Introduction The main function of the upper airway is to filter, humidify and heat the inspired air. During invasive mechanical ventilation (IMV) this function is lost, so humidification of the airways is necessary in all patients with artificial airway and connected to IMV ...


Effectiveness of respiratory physiotherapy in reducing intubation time in patients with bronchiolitis: Randomized clinical trial (RCT)

Folqué Sanz, Olga

Introduction: Bronchiolitis is the most prevalent condition in children under two years, characterized by an obstruction of the bronchioles due to accumulation of mucosa that causes atelectasis and respiratory distress. 2-3% of the children who develop bronchiolitis have to be hospitalized and, 1% admitted to a PICU with mechanical ventilation, which entails a series of complications that can trigger a cardiac arrest ...


Effect of physiotherapy in patients with ventricular assistance (LVAD)

Pérez Marín, Manel

Severe cardiac failure prior to cardiac transplantation (CT) is associated with a limitation to physical activity, cachexia and loss of muscle mass (Perme et al). After CT we know the lack of tolerance for exercise due to a complex multifactorial origin, complex interactions of cardiac, neurohormonal, vascular, muscular and pulmonary origin (Marconi C, et al) ...


Early detection of prefragility and fragility states in primary care

Sisó Ros, Francesc

A transversal descriptive observational study is performed, with 284 patients over 65 years of age without acute lower limb pathology. Where the objective is to detect the fragility, the risk of falls and the prevalence between prefragility and fragility ...