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Publication fees

Publication fees help us to recover the costs of publication, including online hosting and repository, peer review management using Publons database, Dimensions indexing, DOI, Crossmark, Altmetrics and CLOCKSS. We publish all content Open Access, this means it is freely available online for researchers and scientists to read, distribute, and reuse, except for commercial purposes. Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Every uploaded work will be published.1

Publication fees2 are Normal 249 € or Express 299 €3. There are not additional charges based on color, length, figures, or other elements.

The publication fee is subject to change2 and will be charged at the end of the submission process. 

Normal upload: You must follow all the procedures according the publisher sequence.

Express upload: We take care of uploading all the material to the Publisher, when submitting an article, we only require you to upload all the files needed for your complete manuscript, including figures and tables also any relevant supplementary data.

Please submit any permissions that you have already obtained at this stage.

Before upload all the items, please consult our authors information.

If you experience any problems submitting your article online, please contact us for assistance.

In the case you need additional revision or translation services there is an extra charge, these will be made clear to you at the end of the process.

1 It will only may be affected by peer review.

2 The publication fee is subject to change if proofreading, text revision or translation is asked/demanded.

3 We take care of uploading all the material to the Publisher.



Nina Negre