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The Stratification and Social Complexity in the patients of the PCU of the Hospital Universitario Complexo de A Coruña

Andaluz-Corujo, Luisa

The social problems of the majority of the cases admitted to the PCU require a methodology of intervention of Case Management, for this and following the model of stratification of Kaiser, the CHUAC defines the profiles of patients attending to the risk and social complexity; This model consists of segmenting the population according to their "social autonomy" in order to give the most appropriate individualized response ...


YouTube as a source of information and dissemination of knowledge about Palliative Care at home

Oller-Arlandis, Vicent

Describe the characteristics of the multimedia material on Palliative Care at home available on YouTube. Evaluate the quality of the information contained in this material.


Causes of non-oncological admission to the palliative care unit of HSS Francolí

Pi-Sánchez, Jordi

The Francolí Sociosanitary Hospital of Tarragona has a capacity of 156 beds. Of these beds, 14 belong to the Palliative Cures Unit (PCU). The unit includes oncological and non-oncological patients from the city of Tarragona and its surroundings.


Description of the patient admitted to the HSS Francolí Palliative Care Unit

Pi-Sánchez, Jordi

The Francolí Sociosanitary Hospital of Tarragona has 156 beds in different units: convalescence, subacute, palliative care, orthogeriatry and long stay. The PCU has 14 beds. Provides coverage to Tarragona and environment and haematological patients of HJ23 with specific treatment ...


The work environment of nurses in Palliative Care Units of Catalonia

Bullich-Marin, Ingrid

The Intermediate Care Units (IMCUs) are defined as those that offer specialized, interdisciplinary care, with the aim of achieving the maximum level of autonomy of the person or the clinical stability that allows them to return to their habitual residence ...


Grief and malaise in relatives assisted by a psychosocial care team in the Madrid Community

Ocaña, Esther

Evaluate the characteristics of grief in a sample of relatives of people served by a Psychosocial Care Team